November 5, 2012

If you have taken the time to plan ahead, you could be reaping the rewards by as early as today. You’ll be pleased with the way the communication is shaping up between yourself and a hard-to-please relative or friend. A complicated project will come to fruition soon.

Thank you @Macmax28 

Thank you @Macmax28 

November 3, 2012

Try not to beat anyone up. You’re ambition is running on high you want to get some things accomplished and take control of your life. The need is urgent and very strong at the moment. You are ready to trample anyone in your path. You are being very unforgiving with yourself but maybe you need to step back as pushing yourself too hard can cause some unnecessary pressure. Especially because your ruling planet Venus is under strain from the pull of Pluto which is cause you this emotional pressure.

November 2, 2012

You have all the resources there to get what you want, the universe is making them available to you all you have to do is focus. Don’t lose sight of what it is you want. When you stay determined to do something good things just happen. It’s just a weird time at the moment you have a few fans and they are trying to tell you good things about yourself just smile and accept it. Even though you are suspicious of people who give compliments. Just relax and enjoy the ride.

November 1, 2012

It is as important to listen at this time as to act. What people are saying to you and about you very much reflects your personal and professional status and you will want to make sure that you are being represented honestly. If you give your resume a second look, you’ll find there are new things to say about yourself that need to be included. Taking a fresh stance can put you into new places, move you up a notch. New developments in career matters may have you quite wound up for a couple of days and the pressure to produce can be intense. Too many things happening at once make it hard to keep track of things, but you can’t afford to leave anything out.

October 31, 2012

This is a very productive time for you if you can keep your expectations within reasonable bounds.You are full of optimism and enthusiasm for new enterprises and plans. In fact, you may be foolishly over-confident and take on more challenges than you can really meet. 

October 30, 2012

The obstacles are coming thick and fast you just have to stick by your attitude that a million ‘no’s’ is equal to one ‘yes’. Have faith in yourself and others is exactly what will make that come true. A great day for starting things that require sustained confidence and follow-through. Mutual assurance breeds conviction and a platform for all to share. Try not to lose your cool. 

October 29, 2012

You’ve recently put up some healthy boundaries up between you and people who have been making you feel terrible. It’s time to continue with that logical and pragmatic approach. Their attitudes and behaviour is coming to an end soon. You’re definitely in need of some time to indulge yourself. If people can’t respect you for putting your foot down they don’t deserve to be in your life. 

A Little Moral Booster

You’re really something, do you know that? And in spite of whatever may happen in your day, you are going to stay that way: trying and giving and living life in the best way you know how. So keep your spirits up and keep things in perspective. It’s going to be okay…

You’ve made it through difficult things before, right? Right. And you always land on your feet. ‘Maybe not dancing; maybe not always sure about what to do next. ‘But you always manage to figure things out’. Especially when you’re able to keep your sense of humor and not lose your smile.

If you really think about it, you’ll realize that you are a very strong individual. Someone who may not have all the answers, but who s at least willing to hope and try and believe. You can see your way through just about anything; it all depends on how you look at it. And when I look at you, I see someone who really is… preatty amazing.

Keep your spirits up!

Everything’s going to work out fine.


October 27, 2012

You are adopting a different attitude concerning those who you want to play a role in your life. Saturn brings in more judgement and practicality. It may even accompany a culling of associates, and a preference for those who can offer a more lasting and substantial quality.

October 25, 2012

If you are working towards your goal be like a stampeding bull. If you are on vacation today take time to actually be on vacation. Today there are events and situations that need your undivided attention. Do be contentious in your feelings and dealings with others. Stop the curtness. 

Wednesday, 24 Oct 2012

You are compassionate, sympathetic, and highly emotional now. Also, your imagination is activated and you may be inspired by some unusual daydream or fleeting thought. Follow your heart and you head will follow. 

October 23, 2012

This morning you may have to run several errands. You might have an argument with your loved one over your having spent too much money lately. Keep calm and do your best to avoid a fight! You have good chances to improve your budget. Don’t be surprised if you will receive an inheritance!

A bull from the Assyrian age.

A bull from the Assyrian age.